studio sebastian marbacher

basic chair 2016
The photos show the chair in use at ISS HOPE, a longterm art project initiated by Wrongbrothers INC aka P. Hari and C. E. Meier.

This piece is driven by reduction.
How small can it be?
It could be smaller than you would think.
It is never crippled if it balances this brave.
Comfort was achieved on a foundation
of something very narrow.
Once you put these chairs in a stack,
they become a tower. Tower stands
for loneliness, but this one has a social potential.

Lines from the script written by Kaja Kusztra part of Superprojekt at Depot Basel,, 2016, Curated by Matylda Krzykowski & Rebekka Kiesewetter

Supported by Ikea Foundation Switzerland

douglas fir
43 x 39 x 82cm